You can also find the drawings and manuals linked from the section of the web site for each particular roof type. Start at your mounting location type - shingle, flat tile roof etc. Come back here for quick reference later

Warranties and Returns

Powerstrip 15 year warranty

Powerstrip return policy returns

Drawings and Manuals

Hot Sun General Installation Manual

Repair Manual Our systems are serviceable and repairable with mostly standard locally available parts.

Tile Roof Drawings and Manuals

Tile roofs Addendum to the General Instructions(Spanish tile, flat tile, s-tile)

Tile Roof Drawing

Flat Roof Drawings and Manuals

Flat Roof Manual Addendum (Roofs with no pitch- membrane, tar and gravel, roll roofing etc.

Flat Roof Drawing

Shingle Roofs Drawings and Manuals

Regular Shingle Roofs Manual Addendum

Regular Shingle Roofs Drawing- filling the entire space, no gaps between fin tubes.

Regular Shingle Roofs Drawing- leaving gaps between the fin tubes

Regular Shingle Roofs Drawing- angling the manifolds to match the roof shape

Regular Shingle Roofs Drawing- conventional orientation with flow up the roof.

PV/Thermal General Concept Drawing- Taking the heat from a photovoltaic solar electric array to heat the pool and cool the PV improving PV output and longevity.

Rack and Ground Mounting

We like to build a bed of gravel and then just treat is exactly the same as a flat roof! Instructions for rack building is available