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Sizing a Hot Sun Solar Pool Heater

San Diego solar pool heater output

San Diego

The above chart shows expected daily peak pool temperature  for the San Diego California region.  Note the top red line shows what will happen with 75% of pool surface area in solar collector area given  our standard conditions. This chart is not affected by pool depth. Shallower pools will vary in temperature over 24 hours more than a deeper pool but the overall average pool temperature will still be held roughly the same amount over the blue line or purple line

Performance  charts  are based on computer simulation using  the no longer available Enerpool Pro  simulation program with  inputs learned through high level monitoring. Verified with hundreds of real pools situations with remarkable accuracy since 2003.

Standard conditions for published charts include overall 25% pool shading, southwest to south facing roof, no major direct wind exposure to the pool or roof especially  winds coming in off the ocean, normal diffuse light conditions, not nestled in a lush dark canyon, cover use 12 hours per night. Normal typical reasonably ideal conditions are the baseline. We can adjust the curves  for higher or lower  square footages. The charts represent  the upper limit of what we consider full sizing to achieve what our customers consider satisfying results

We have performance charts for other regions some of which are published below


Los Angeles


Los Angeles

The above chart is based on weather data from LAX airport. If you are more inland you will see higher temperatures in summer and colder in winter but overall the length of the season will be roughly the same. Note than in LA a standard sizing achieves a 15 degree bump in pool temperature plus you can get another 5 degrees using a cover. Most of our customers don't want to use a cover and as you can see its possible to get a pretty good season out of a solar heated pool without a cover.

Sacramento and San Francisco

Sacramento solar pool heater performance
San Francisco solar pool heater performance curve

In Hawaii (click for more)  the standard sizing formula is too generous . We can go to the lower end of the full sizing range as depicted below.

Honolulu solar pool heater performance


Solar pool heating is popular in Canada. We are particularly active in Vancouver BC and we have many projects all over British Columbia

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