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Vancouver BC Solar Pool Heating

Hot Sun President Ken Wright got his start in solar pool heating in Burnaby BC a suburb of Vancouver in 1986. In the 90's  Vancouver had no less than 3 full time solar pool heating companies actually thriving in this one industry. Today we still have a fairly strong market in this region but finding space on more complex rooftops in the higher end neighborhoods is often challenging. Natural gas remains inexpensive for now and the consistency of sunshine is never guaranteed. Hot Sun extrudes our major component , the fin tubing, in Coquitlam BC. As such we can deliver the lowest delivered cost solar pool heating solutions to do-it-yourselfers and to our network of the best solar installers in the region.

Vancouver is a progressive town with strong environmental leadership. Recently the city mandated that new homes could not be supplied with more than 80,000 Btu/hr of natural gas service. In response what we see is fewer homes being torn down and reconstructed. Instead homes are torn down to the studs and rebuilt which grandfathers in the  right to have a full gas service. Electrification in order to move away from fossil fuels means heat pumps must be employed but heat pumps in this low humidity environment deliver energy no less expensively than natural gas. Solar pool heating remains a good choice if pool use can co-incide with good weather. Here is what we can expect from a moderately sized solar pool heater using Hot Sun technology.


Second Beach Public Pool

One of our more recent projects is the public pool at Stanley Park in Vancouver BC. Here we had to fit our flat roof system around a curved surface. Its all done with no roof penetrations. One more step towards sustainability for the city.  Our 15th municipal pool project in BC

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