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Shingle Roof Solar Pool Heating

An elegant solution

If we run the flow sideways rather than up the roof, we can take advantage of roof hips and valley areas providing a solution that matches the roof lines and takes better advantage of the available solar resource.

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The roof interface

Shingle roofs must be penetrated in order to secure a solar pool heater. Our concept starts with properly securing a framework to meet wind loading requirements. Current methodology involves locating rafters and limiting position of roof hardware to rafter locations. Hot Sun mounting brackets and flashings are located anywhere because the multi screw concept grabs the roof sheathing securely with best practices. The video shows how its done.


The roof bracket is made of solid 1/2" x 1.5" x 5" aluminum. A stainless steel bolt is pressed in from behind.  Several variations available including 7" versions with 2 studs


staggered manifolds


Download manual addendum

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