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Hot Sun's history dates back to Vancouver BC in 1980 when a flexible vinyl based grid style solar collector named Solarmat was introduced. Hot Sun founder, Ken Wright formed a license arrangement and started solar heating pools for a living in 1986. Hot Sun  bought out the original manufacturer in 1990 and with a redeveloped aluminum mounting frame system gave the business a rebirth under the brand name Powermat. Production moved to Mexico in 1998 as Hot Sun moved to San Diego California. Our business has been solidly viable through all the industry shakeouts and the ups and downs of incentives. In 2004, using everything learned we created Powerstrip. This is a strip style collector, long strips typically running side to side as opposed to conventional grid style collectors with flow always up the roof. We figured out how to use the same vinyl we had field tested since 1980 in the  more suitable collector style.

Our vinyls proved their long term superior weather-ability in this application coupled with the features of complete and easy repair-ability, durability in the first place, and adaptability to roof spaces. Flexible fin tubes can freeze full of water repeatedly without any damage.  Manifolds are a high temperature impact resistant styrene that just happens to take to PVC cements, as well as cyanoacrylates and mastic adhesives.  Since then we have made great strides in development of all the various mounting methodologies, matching the standards set by the burgeoning photovoltaic industry and staying well ahead of the competition.  Our supply chain is now almost  fully vertically integrated. The parts we don't make like the adhesives and valving are standardized.

We are the premier choice for solar pool heating in Southern California with dealer representation throughout the region. These industry experts will take you from consultation to a final installed solar pool heater.

Pure Power Pools


Based in Escondido CA, Pure PWR Pools Ltd. has leveraged their  pool equipment service expertise to become Hot Sun's leading implementations team.

All Valley Solar


Based in Hollywood California, owner Ted Bavin is a veteran solar thermal contractor. building a sizable and very credible organization. Ted's teams are trained and can take on the most innovative and challenging projects.

Mermaid Pools


Covering San Bernardino and Riverside Counties,  Mike Crum, owner is an extremely knowledgeable custom pool builder.  Since 2010 he has partnered with Hot Sun  in the ongoing process of technology improvement utilizing his field experience under Eco Solar to help advance the state of the art.


In Vancouver, British Columbia we have representation from the top solar contractors including...

Vancouver Renewable Energy
Argosy Pools
Renew Energy

Renew is our exclusive municipal pool and large scale solar heating  affiliate in BC