Vacuum Breakers

The vacuum breaker is a critical component of a solar pool heater. It opens to allow air in when the pressure drops below zero. The cyclical stresses on the solar panel fin tubing caused by a plugged off or omitted vacuum breaker will cause failure over a number of years. 5-10 years is common.  Vacuum breakers are a moving part. They can leak and when they do replace them. These brass ones have proven to be the most reliable atmospheric vacuum breakers  on the tens of thousands of existing solar pool heaters in operation today.This particular vacuum breaker, the Watts N36, can be taken apart and cleaned. 1/2" male thread. Use 5 wraps of teflon tape or thread sealant. 

vacuum breaker

Manifolds/ (headers)

Powerstrip manifolds are 13.5" long with a 1.5" pipe size female and male end where the outside of the female end is the same size as 2" pvc pipe. These manifolds are made of a styrene material that is highly weatherable as well as high temperature stable. MEK based pvc cements can be used to glue these manifolds to pvc pipe and fittings allowing for some very versatile application. 18) 1/4" OD nipples per manifold are consistent and cross compatible with the original Solaroll EPDM rubber tubing industry pioneer as well as Sunbather/ Suntopia (vinyl based), and Enersol (EPDM)

Manifolds / headers

Medium viscosity CA adhesive with applicator brush. Use to lubricate the connection of the fin tubes to the manifold. Vinyl based collectors such as Powerstrip and Suntopia require a seal be made so fully wetted application of the adhesive onto the nipples is critical.

4oz bottle with 1oz applicator bottle. Enough for 60 manifolds

You can buy Gorilla brand superglue at hardware stores in a 1 oz bottle. This is enough for about 5 manifolds. Its not a full ounce. Apply with Q-Tip

Solar Pool Heater Hardware


PVC coated stainless steel strap is the industry standard for strapping down conventional polypropylene grid style collectors. Very useful for hanging plumbing. Our shingle roof sideways designs use this to tie our fin tubing to the outer framework.