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Solar Pool Heating in Hawaii

We have hundreds of installations in Hawaii, many of them on Kona on the Big Island. Consistent sun, high natural gas prices, and the island's high end determination for the best esthetically viable options make this a prime region for our Hot Sun technology. 


Of particular importance in this unique market is our ability to weave our systems around corners maximizing the use of limited available space and providing a look that blends well with the roof look.

O-Jeff Werner solar.jpg
O-Yandall wide.JPG

Solar Pool Heating Performance in Hawaii

A solar pool heating system in Hawaii doesn't have to be as large as in many places unless the pool has a lot of direct exposure to winds off the ocean.  In most other regions we need 100% of pool area without a cover, here in paradise we can get away with 75%


Shipping to Hawaii

Luckily there are great options available to get your Hot Sun solar pool heater delivered. HFS or Honolulu Freight service can get it all right to you for about $1/sq ft total cost. Unfortunately due to covid disruptions we do not have a qualified installations team based in Hawaii so you must hire your own contractor or do it yourself with full support from Hot Sun.  

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