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Flexible Solar Collectors For Tile Roof Spaces

flexible solar heater  Powerstrip on a flat tile roof


On wavy concrete or flat tile roofs, Powerstrip has proven to be a very workable solution and the look is amazing.






If you're interested in a complete installed system quote just call us and we can ballpark it for you and answer questions. 858 683 0800. We have qualified dealers in most major markets. We also cater to those looking to have this installed by their own contractors and to do it yourselfers. If you plan to do this yourself be forewarned that working at height (on a rooftop) can be hazardous to your health. Anyone doing this kind of work needs to have fall protection training and certification. Check the certification of anyone doing this kind of work for you for their own good and yours. The work itself is the easy part. Staying safe is where the real training is required.

You can figure out how large you want the system to be by going to

Sizing your solar collector system

Then count the rows of tiles and measure the side to side dimensions and you're ready to call us and talk price or fill in this form and we'll try by e-mail.

Solar Pool Heating Can Use The Space PV Can't.

pv and pool solar hybrid pv and pool solar hybrid

PV means photovoltaics. People in California and elsewhere are installing these systems under government funded rebate programs at a strong pace. Photovoltaic solar panels create electricity. The Hot Sun system can fit all the available left over space and often we can fully heat the pool with this space.

Many of our dealers and installers are renewable energy companies who's original focus was on photovoltaics and solar domestic water preheating because that's where the incentives were. Slowly over time they have realized pool heating can be a customer's highest energy load and it can be displaced cost effectively without government assistance.

Solar Pool Heating Installations - Siting

The biggest hurdle we all face when implementing a solar heater is finding a space for the collectors that is large enough.

Regular polypropylene collectors are obviously not the right choice on a tile roof. The plumbing is all over the place, roof penetrations are problematic, the shifting back and forth with temperature can be abrasive against the tile, the esthetics are terrible and the use of available space not optimum. Not even close.

solar invisible on tile roof

s-tile roof solar panels

Polypropylene panels on tile.

Powerstrips are a much better solution

Can you even tell we put solar on this roof?

solar invisible on tile roof s-tile roof solar panels

Flexible collectors mean you don't have to worry about water being trapped inside. The material expands to easily accomodate freezing full of water.

This product can be glued horizontally in 1' sections to tile roofs. We originally developed it specifically for tile roof installs.



Its impact is so minimal that we don't have to offer it in colors. Red collectors are much less efficient and don't have the natural UV resistance black affords. You barely notice the collectors on the system shown below when you look at it from ground level.



Installation Details

The material is glued at the crests of the tiles so that as it contracts with temperature it just lifts up from the roof a little at the troughs. This is usually the way to go on a wavy tile roof because it looks so good and it fully uses the available space. Here are two images of the same roof on the first system we ever installed.



Watch this video to learn how the system goes together. Note we never have to drill into the tile, even to support the headers or the plumbing.

There really are a lot of ways to set a solar heater up wrong where you will have problems especially after a few years. It's unwise to do every solar heater the same way. Every situation is different. We have the knowledge and experience to solve your solar challenges correctly. To be successful in a high volume business like this you need to streamline things so everything is always the same, otherwise you'd never be able to train all the dealers. That is the problem the others face with their sales based approach. That is what makes this a niche industry, one where you need to be dealing with a specialist and not just a sales specialist. This is a technology and Hot Sun is a technology based company. We manufacture the components of the Powerstrip system ourselves. Hot Sun originally manufactured Powermat which used a material very similar to the current Powerstrip . We re-invented the system as Powerstrip after we had 18 years experience figuring out what we wanted exactly. If you're a solar dealer selling a polypropylene grid style collector you owe it to yourself to try Powerstrip for the many situations you'll encounter where it is clearly the better choice. If you're using a mystery EPDM synthetic rubber blend and you're crossing your fingers hoping the rumors about "black pool disease" won't haunt your future, why not rest easy instead? We guarantee that it will not break down in chlorinated water.



Download the Powerstrip installation manual addendum for tile roofs. (PDF)

Download the Powerstrip warranty (PDF)

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