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Hot Sun Flexible Solar Swimming Pool Heating Solutions

Solar swimming pool heating makes sense. A longer care free swimming season with no fossil fuels burned. Our unique flexible vinyl solution fits the available space with a proven long term history of durability, freeze tolerance, wind, and weather resistance ensuring your investment endures. We can interface properly and correctly with almost all roofing systems. Go to the page below for your general roof type to see how.  
The fitted solution

Hot Sun manifolds are a pre-compounded ASA blend.  The material is more expensive than polypropylene BUT it has a much harder and more durable surface finish. It is more scratch resistant, fade resistant,  and exhibits much higher strength and temperature capability.  7800 psi vs 4800 psi tensile strength. The melt temperature of this resin is over 500F whereas pre-compounded proprietary blended polypropylene is around 340F. Furthermore, this material actually takes to adhesives meaning we can glue fittings directly to fit best on roof spaces.

Flat Roof Installations

A ballasted framework securely supports our entire Powerstrip solar pool heating system using locally available materials.

Maintains the integrity of the roof
Tile Roof Solutions

No roof penetrations on tile roof surfaces.

Fitted row by row capturing the full solar resource available while providing an agreeable esthetic.

Fully repairable, durable vinyl based fin tubing is freeze proof and compatible with pool chemistry long term.
Shingle Roof Considerations
O-Mines Solar drone view2.jpg

Hot Sun's Powerstrip fin tubing can run horizontally because it is flexible meaning it can freeze solid full of water without being damaged by the expansion of water as it freezes.

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