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This photo was sent to us from Johann Bultmann in New Orleans right after hurricane Katrina. The winds blew the chimneys apart but the 12 year old Powermat solar panels stayed in place!



Barbara Reed of Raleigh North Carolina owns a beautiful above ground pool with adjacent Powerpro solar system on a rack. Click her name to see photos and an unsolitcited e-mail reporting her story.

Dr. Paul Wright owns one of our earlier Powermat solar pool heaters. It has operated flawlessly since 1992. Powermats are no longer made but we still offer service and support to all our old customers and keep in tough with many including Dr. Wright (no relation).

Tom Slaughter and Lisa Brodie did their homework before deciding to hire Hot Sun to supply and design their solar pool heater.

This pdf is a testimonial on the SWIM PC solar water internet monitoring programmable controller system we developed specifically for solar heated pools that use a back up heater. The SWIM PC allows you to optimize the use of solar with gas.

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