Bob Titzer's Solar Playground

This customer has two pools and a water slide between them. His pool builder offered to solar heat the pool but Bob looked into it on his own and discovered Powerstrips made a lot more sense than the cheapo 4x12 rigid sheets the pool builder intended to strap and bolt to his new tile roof. When Mike Adamcik from Hot Sun was sorting out the pool automation so it ran the systems properly (we often ended up doing the pool builder's job in the old days when we did the installations ourselves), the pool builder showed up. He'd seen our truck in the driveway so he was concerned that we were stepping on his feet trying to sell solar to his customer. He challenged us and we had to point out that the solar system was already installed and he was looking right at it!

An Experience With Rigid Solar Panels on a Rack

  • This solar customer trusted his pool service to install 20) Techno Solis collectors at ground level. The lesson here is that pressure is the enemy of a good solar design and the people out there putting solar heaters in for the most part don't have a clue how to identify a pressure situation never mind remedy it or even admit its an issue in the first place. He's had to do 45 collector replacements on a 20 panel system in 5 years. He eventually called us in for help but once he got his warranty panels installed the issue became less urgent. The moral of this story is that solar pool heating panels can't take pressure no matter what the manufacturer claims. Marrying these systems up so both operate trouble free for the long term is something you need our help with. Your insurance policy that your solar pool heater won't turn into this kind of headache is the expertise and support of your supplier.
  • San Diego Monitored Powerstrip Solar Pool Heater

  • Check out Rob Arnold's monitored solar system in San Diego. Mr Arnold actually hired us for his second solar heater. It took one experience to teach him that what seems OK may in fact not be and its worth paying attention to the technology behind a technology purchase. In November of 2013 the pool is 80 degrees with solar only. Powerstrips really work and this is proof of how well.

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