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Hot Sun Industries Inc Staff

We can be reached directly at 858-683-0800 (San Diego) or 778 300 1803 (Burnaby, BC). The company e-mail is h2otsun@gmail.com Our reps are licensed contractors who will quote a professionally installed Hot Sun solar pool heater for you. Solar heating a pool is a technology game.

Ken Wright, President

Ken Wright received a degree in mechancial engineering from UBC in 1984. In 1985 he took over Nu-Tec Engineering Ltd doing general contracting. In 1986 Nu-Tec started doing business as Nu-Tec Solar Company. The flagship product was a flexible plastic based unglazed solar panel called Solarmat. In 1990 Ken started Powermat manufacturing Inc. This company redeveloped the Solarmat product and renamed it Powermat. In 1998 the factory was sold to the Mexican distributor, IMPREMA SA de CV and Ken moved to San Diego where he established Hot Sun Industries Inc. In 2004 Ken moved back to Canada and re-developed the product line from scratch using all the lessons learned since 1986. Powerstrip was born. Ken's direct e-mail is ken@h2otsun.com

Jason Bourque

Jason is our management consultant. His main task while in California is to spearhead the launch of our proprietary PV Thermal technology where we're adapting pool heating to the back of existing photovoltaic solar collectors. Jason has extensive construction industry experience and has contributed to the overall body of Hot Sun solar achievements. Jason works directly with our dealers including new recruits making sure we all trade our knowledge as collectively we advance the state of the art in solar thermal for the 21st century.

San Diego County - Gabriel and Danielle Erbe

Gabriel is the owner of Pure Power Pools of Escondido California. He started installing our systems 6 years ago and has grown his company into Hot Sun's largest and most successful dealership covering San Diego and Orange Counties and points beyond. His wife Danielle handles the administrative work and the two of them do it all while raising their two boys, future heirs to the solar throne no doubt. Their facebook page is very successful. Check it out right here and don't forget to like them. We do. Contact them through the Pure Power Pools web site.

Michael Adamcik

Mike started with Hot Sun in 1999. Mike did the installations when Hot Sun was a contractor many years ago and he looked after San Diego operations. Now he's living in Northern California and getting his own C46 solar contractor's license and he's active doing PV thermal retrofits service work, and sales but he's independant now.

Riverside County - Mike Crum

Mike runs Eco Solar out of Uplands Ca near the foothills. Mike comes from the pool building industry and is in high demand building custom pools but solar is half his business. The Eco Solar crew will travel the world to install your solar heater. Contact his staff thru their web site. Eco Solar has been helping us field test the early PV Thermal installations like the one he's sitting on in this picture.

Arizona (Scottsdale) - SunRenu LLC

SunRenu LLC is a full service solar energy company based in Scottsdale. Contact thru their web site

Northern Florida- Sea Side Endeavors

Paul Nicholson is an experienced alternative energy and green energy/ sustainable living advocate. Hot Sun solar pool heating especially for tile roofs is technology that Seaside Endeavors has gained proficiency at.

British West Indies - Comet Energy Systems

Comet is a stocking dealer of Hot Sun solar pool heating and low grade solar heat collection technology. Chris mason, owner, is a veteran of the solar energy industry with a full range of alternative energy offerings. Contact thru their web site

Big Island Hawaii - Kona Solar Services

Kona Solar Services have done some amazing solar pool heating projects with our technology. They have installed them all and today will use our product every time. Contact thru their web site

Mexico - Imprema SA de CV

Imprema is based in Mexico City. They stock our products and speak fluent Spanish English and German. Contact Walter Feldhaus through their web site.

Colombia - TSS

Our stocking distributor in Colombia South America is TSS. Their web site is linked here.

Bolivia - Hidrotec Ltda

Our stocking distributor in Bolivia South America is Hidrotec Ltda. Their web site is linked here.

Beirut Lebanon - Axiome Ltda

Our stocking distributor in the middle east is Axiome. Their web site is linked here. In Lebanon the energy issues are interesting and Axiome has a market that is open to ideas like CHP, multi source heat pumps including solar source. They have done some big projects with our solar collectors.